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Your are a Divine Paradox
A pandora box where all darkness once opened is full of light.

Are you ready to Alchemize?


A pathway home

A closer look at a transformational experience.

Positioned at the forefront of contemporary wellness modalities that unites traditional and modern methods of healing, my innovative program Soham The Liberation is a healing journey that has gained significant attention due to the transformational results that it has been reported to deliver. I would describe it as being akin to having years of therapy in under a couple of hours.

Engaging a variety of modalities, an organic flow of movement and frequency of sound allow me to begin to shift and release tension and unravel narratives that may have been stored in your body.

"The past is already gone, the future is not yet here. There's only one moment for you to live."



Work with me

The deepest most powerful journey we ever take is the one that spirals into our own hearts, wombs, and souls. Reconnect with the ancient ways of your lineage and the codes within you. Create solid roots, deepen into your knowing and reclaim your original story. 

It’s time to rise.


Servane gave me a healing session with hypnosis, reiki, breathwork and other amazing tools she is offering with the program Soham The Liberation and 10 days, later, after years of multiple therapies, I can feel that my anxiety got much better, with was the whole point of that session.

Thank you again, hugs and kisses ...


Image by Andreas Wagner

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