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My Story

Why do people become healers?

In my case, the call to help others came from a call to help myself.

As a survivor of a traumatic childhood, my determination to "make my way in the world" led to an intense journey of self-exploration and the eventual discovery of a more whole way of being. Today, I work with people from all walks of life to help them release blockages on the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels. To do this, I draw on my vast expertise in healing modalities and my strong sense of initiative to help my clients achieve love, abundance and happiness in their lives.

As an only child born in France, I spent my early years in Brittany. When I was not at school, I spent my days exploring the wild coast of my neighbourhood, lulled by the stories, myths and legends of the region, curious about all it had to offer. I was a solitary person, nourished by endless conversations with nature, the animals, the sea and the spirits. I felt like I was living in the midst of this raw beauty, rich in meaning. My Spanish and Moorish origins, from Aveyron in France, prioritize cultural preservation and passing on language and faith to future generations. These convictions have influenced how I view the world, including my beliefs about spirituality and the mystic.

In the early decades of my career, I focused on being an independent woman and a mother. I drew what I learned from my own experiences and the baggage I inherited from my childhood. I raised my children through many travels, discovering new cultures, different passions, but also by immigrating to Canada in 2006. I worked up to 18 hours a day to earn what I thought was freedom and to give my son and daughter what I had missed so much... I started with a few dollars in my bank account, a sewing machine in the kitchen and a baby under each arm to end 15 years later at the head of an empire of 3 design companies present in 120 stores around the world.

I had excelled in the professional world, I had raised my children as I wanted them to be raised, they had grown up in abundance, care and love, I had everything to be happy about, except that I had forgotten myself, I had disappeared, my personal and sentimental life was in an inextricable abyss, I realized that I had achieved what society, my family, my friends, my beliefs expected of me, but not what I really wanted. So I went in search of the ultimate freedom, the one buried inside me, that of a carefree childhood, the image of that wild Breton coast, that inner peace, that salty wind on my face, my dialogue with nature and the fullness of the moment. From that day on, I felt ready to take on a new great project: myself.


The inspiration came in the form of a wrong life choice (again)! At that time, I had gotten it into my head that the meaning of existence lay in achieving marriage. Which I had totally failed at. So here I am in the spiral of married life. I get rid of my companies, I become the perfect housewife, devoted body and soul to my husband, I am now at the head of a large mixed family, and little by little I am dying. On the other hand, in my entourage there is a light. A radiant, spiritual, strong and adventurous woman... A woman who attracts. She is a massage therapist and according to those close to her, she has “magical” hands. Curiosity carried me away, I want to know what this magic is, I want to be free and radiant like this woman. This great woman will become my Master in ancestral KaHuna massage, a transformative Maori bodywork that heals the soul. During this initiation, I embraced a new vision of spirituality, began to find myself through some existential questions, and finally got all my answers with the teachings of another Master, in Bali, the island of the gods.

I then entered into an insatiable thirst for learning. I am dedicated to my new apprentice ship, I am at the beginning but I am animated in this new vocation. I feel that I am making a difference for others and I feel myself growing at the same time. For the first time in my life, I feel useful for who I am, complete and rich in my strengths. I am laying the cards on the table around me, my vision is changing, the path of life is changing, I am fighting to regain my freedom. Divorce comes with its share of suffering and exposed infidelity.

My rebirth finally began…


I didn't know if I could succeed in this completely new voice. It was the first time I took a path without any certainty of the outcome, but an incredible force pushed me to do it. The people around me responded, I saw that I calmed them, I became aware of the power of my words, my hands, my energy to guide and heal others. I was finally becoming powerful, I could help people and bring them to inner peace.


Throughout the years of training and learning, I have healed myself. I was able to lift the veil of my pain, repair the irreparable and finally feel that I exist so that I can offer the best.

I like to explain the mysteries of the human condition with simple words. I love helping people around the world to love themselves, to feel understood, to face their joys and sorrows, and to be motivated to change. All this gives me energy when I wake up in the morning.


Self healing therapy is probably the most difficult type of therapy to follow and practice and I have been on both sides. In my work as a therapist or spiritual guide, I see despair, loneliness, contempt, violence, absence of any physical contact, lack of self-confidence, harassment, addiction and so many other ingrained patterns. I continually study different healing modalities including Bhakti Yoga, meditation, neuroscience, Reiki, hypnosis, bodywork, parapsychology and magic!

I can now heal the ailments that so many of us struggle with, providing guidance and strength to help my clients heal their wounds and shape their life path..


I am looking forward to guiding you on your healing journey.

With love,



Certifications & Diplomas

I am an avid learner of neuroscience, psychology, physiology, Ancient Alchemy, occult transformational practices, indigenous healing, Reiki, bakti yoga, Sanscrit, meditation, movement therapy, consciousness, amongst others. I list these as being separate modalities, and yet they are inter-connected.

Everything begins to weave together like separate strands of hair into a braid.



8 weeks










12 weeks

Innerdance Intensive Training

w/ Master Pi Villaraza - Palawan, Philipines

Inner Alchemy Mentorship

w/ Grand Master Kara Freya Jade - Teacher of Esoteric and Ancient Alchemy

Sound Healing Facilitator Training

w/ Master Punnu Singh Wasu - Bali, Indonesia

Kirtan Academy - Level 1

w/ Master Punnu Singh Wasu - Bali, Indonesia

Meditation Teacher Training

w/ Master Punnu Singh Wasu - Bali, Indonesia

Grand Master Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho

w/ Dr. Punnu Singh Wasu - Bali, Indonesia

Sanskrit - Elementary 101

w/ Dr. Rupper - Cambridge University, United Kingdom












10 weeks each


Certification - ARCHE - Paris, France

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Certified Practitioner - International University CQPNL - Montreal, Canada

Neuro-linguistic positioning (NLP) - Personal and corporative coaching

Certified Master Practitioner - International University CQPNL - Montreal, Canada

Thai Yoga Massage Teacher Training

w/ Carlos Romero YACEP - Bali, Indonesia

Swedish Therapeutic Massage

Certification teacher and practitioner - IKRA Academy - Montreal, Canada

Physiology, Anatomy, Sexology

Certification - University Montreal, Canada



Ancestral Kahuna Bodywork Training

w/ Sophie Verot - Montreal, Canada

My Approach

When we work together I will meet you exactly where you are at. You can expect that dialogue will be interspersed with experiencing. To become the healthiest you, it is necessary to heal old wounds and transform what is not working. I will walk with you as your guide in a manner that is warm, playful, and deeply caring. I will be sure to meet you with humility and curiosity, and I do not take lightly the courage required to slowly open to your inner world.

My Beliefs :

  • Individuals are oriented towards, and capable of, healing.

  • We are wired for connection on our inner self.

  • Our past influences our present.

  • Emotional regulation can be learned and practiced.

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