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KaHuna Ancestral Massage

KaHuna Bodywork consists not only of massage but also includes Hawaiian Shamanism and Hula.

Service Description

Kahuna Healing Bodywork is an ancient, sacred Hawaiin Healing art that involves the whole person, the Higher Self, the Conscious Mind, Subconscious Mind & Body. It is one style of lomi lomi which employs flowing strokes using the hands and forearms to stimulate the flow of energy throughout the client's body and synchronise their breath and heartbeat. Take your soul to the ultimate journey. Also known as Hawaiian Temple Style massage, it originates in the Polynesian Islands. Its ancient technique is delivered through rhythmical forearm and hand movements. Described as a nurturing, grounding and energetic experience, it can be known as the “Loving Hands” massage. A healthy body exists when the body’s life force energy is free flowing. When that energy is blocked or restricted for an extended period, illnesses can occur. During the massage, it is beneficial for the recipient to focus their attention on their breath. Each breath provides new energy (mana) and inspiration into the body and mind. Therefore exhalation of breath dissolves tension, letting go of the old. When letting go of anything that limits you, you are deepening your experience of relaxation and allowing the new to come through. The art of bodywork relies on finding the perfect balance between therapeutic conversation and nonverbal communication to intuitively heal the parts of your body that need it the most and provoke a state of total-body relaxation. In my bodywork sessions, some of my aims are to help my clients heal from past traumas and emotional holding patterns through the spiritual power of physical touch. KaHuna massage recharges energy and creates a balance between the conscious and subconscious. This in-depth bodywork produces a profound healing effect. Huna Philosophy : Huna way of life and philosophy teaches that the key to living a fulfilled life lies in the awakening and integration of the subconscious mind, conscious mind and super conscious/higher self. Benefits of Bodywork : - Greater body awareness - Improved sleep and focus - Pain relief - Emotional clarity - Release of negative attachments - Restored energy - Spiritual connection And more

  • From 250 US dollars
  • Ubud, Bali - Indonesia

Cancellation Policy

Session will be held on Jakarta time zone, located at GMT/UTC+7. The time showing in Step 2 of the booking process is based in Jakarta time. You can convert time zones by selecting the country name in the dropdown box if you book a virtual meeting (not available on mobile app). Please be aware that your session won’t be refunded if you miss it. A cancellation policy of 24 hours and payment will be applied.

Contact Details

+1 (514) 805-8122

Ubud, Gianyar Regency, Bali, Indonesia

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