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An embodied activation and transmission process of your life force.

Service Description

Welcome to a deeply transformative process of awakening with the kundalini activation. Rooted in ancient Hindu traditions and texts, Kundalini refers to a form of primal energy believed to reside at the base of the spine. This energy, often depicted as a coiled serpent, holds the potential to unlock unparalleled spiritual growth, heightened awareness, and a deeper connection to the universe when activated. Kundalini is the energy that connects everything, our invisible source. The InnerDance contains a wide range of frequencies that serve higher states of consciousness and spiritual growth. From the upper energy centers, the energy flows to the base of your spine where your kundalini is located. When activated, it begins its ascent toward your crown. This creates an energetic cycle of ascending and descending energies. A Philippino mystic by the name of Pi Villaraza, began this process through a Kundalini awakening when he was abiding on a coconut diet as a hermit on a secluded island for two years. The InnerDance is an energetic process where you are invited to lay down in śavāsana and yet, this is where the innerdance begins. From here, there’s nothing you need to do or be in a prescribed way. The innerdance energy will lead us from there in an unique journey. It is your process and as unique as you are, so is the spectrum of what you can experience. Your capacity to let go and surrender to the energy opens you up to the depth of the process. by lovingly let go of your expectations you enter into surrender and open yourself to the magic. Working with brain waves via sounds, the journeys begin with a deep surrender to being held in a container of the sacred. As deeper trust comes in, you enter into expanded states of consciousness where much comes in and arises. You might experience life reviews, energetic awakenings, informational downloads, neurogenic tremors, rebirth, self-healing, and insights are amongst some ideas of what is possible. As much as you can let go into the flow of the process, you can experience whatever is ready to be looked at in that ‘now’. The process branches into, with, and across philosophy, physics, psychology, mysticism, neuroscience, ecology, spirituality, nutrition, and linguistics. The experience is sacred. It launches initiates into an acceleration of spiritual development, which includes processes of purification and profound transformation. Feel your heart calling? Trust your inner voice ...

  • 175 US dollars
  • Ubud, Bali - Indonesia

Cancellation Policy

Session will be held on Jakarta time zone, located at GMT/UTC+7. The time showing in Step 2 of the booking process is based in Jakarta time. You can convert time zones by selecting the country name in the dropdown box if you book a virtual meeting (not available on mobile app). Please be aware that your session won’t be refunded if you miss it. A cancellation policy of 24 hours and payment will be applied.

Contact Details

+1 (514) 805-8122

Ubud, Gianyar Regency, Bali, Indonesia

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