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jeu. 04 avr.


La Portal to Shamballah


Hypno-meditation is a powerful fusion of mind, body and spirit. By combining the two powerful modalities you can reach deeper levels of awareness and clarity.

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Heure et lieu

04 avr. 2024, 18:30 – 19:30

La Portal to Shamballah, Ubud, Bali

À propos de l'événement

Class fee : 100.000 IDR

Hypno-meditation classes are a powerful but gentle combination of  hypnotherapy and meditation to deeply relax the mind, rejuvenate the  body and nourish ourselves internally.

If your external environment is fast- moving, your lifestyle  constantly demanding and your mind filled with worry about a recent  divorce, health-issue, or work pressure; well, it’s easy to see how you  can tip out of balance. But telling a stressed person to sit down and  meditate may not work – Some people find it difficult to sit still for a  period of time, let alone breathe deeply or relax.

These classes are great for people who find it difficult to focus or  ‘stop’ their thoughts during meditation, or who are curious about  hypnotherapy and would like to try something different in a group  setting. You can enjoy the class with the knowledge that both these  modalities have been used for centuries to restore and replenish.

Hypno- meditation is great for new/super mums, shift workers,  professionals and anyone needing to strengthen their inner being in the  face of external and environmental pressure.

Performed in the lying position, or chair based, this technique is  beneficial in releasing tension in all parts of the body, watching your  own thoughts and really being present.  With regular practice this will  give you many therapeutic benefits which can be experienced, not just  during the class, but at other times in your busy schedules.

Benefits include alpha and theta brain wave states which are the  slowest brain waves in humans. We naturally reach these states during  day dreaming or deep sleep. These not only aid relaxation and creativity  but the body goes into healing mode.

Hypno-meditation is  not , intended to replace medical advice or treatment.

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